Kshitij Singh is an artist-producer and audio engineer from Bhopal, India living in Valencia, Spain. His musical style explores his side of experimental electronic music along with hip-hop, glitch, trip-hop, and ambient music under the name DYSTORIZON.

Escape Velocity is a four-track EP in the domain of experimental electronic, downtempo music. It kicks off with an intention of delivering a pristine sonic signature. Track one - Bottom Up Approach is about taking in all the information, the energy around you, to eventually filter and direct it to fulfil desired goals. Next up ‘Mixed Feelings’ is about change and how we perceive it. ‘Parallelism’ describes the coordination between the body and mind, how they are related yet work independently of each other. Culminating with ‘Tangerine Head’ that investigates what happens after we surpass the gates of reality

Music by - Dystorizon

Illustrations by - Sibangi Sahoo

Animation by - Himanshu Kanojiya

Bottom Up Approach


This song talks about the fact that everyone is an unique individual. The emotional message intended with this piece is ‘to be curious, not critical’. The idea of being curious refers to putting time and effort in order to truly understand a person. Whether it is being curious about the qualities that they have or to communicate and learn about them. This information of thoughts is compared to any other form of energies (light, sound etc) that play an important role for us to make sense of this dimension we live in. Bottom Up Approach refers to collection of these bits and pieces of information to eventually build a complex collection of ideas, habits and thoughts.

Mixed Feelings


‘Mixed Feelings’ talks about the idea that it's not always about what you need, but how you listen and treat others in a better way. ‘Being careful not crushing’. The song takes you on a journey of the mind from being self centered towards caring for others. It throws light on the need to see the bigger picture every time, putting the needs of others first before your demands. When the level of understanding each other as a person is on the basis of what they want from you, then you truly form one system together.



The concept of this song is ‘Ask first, don’t assume’ which addresses the issue of misunderstanding, conflicting perceptions of respect, mistrust and stereotyping. Its about not basing your arguments on assumptions but rather on someone’s thinking process and the cause of it. It is about getting to know each other well, such that two minds become one.

Tangerine Head


The culmination of the EP speaks about — ‘to connect before you correct’ which corresponds to learning how to appreciate and value the presence of diverse people around us. There is so much to learn and the most beautiful aspect of learning is that the amount of knowledge out there cannot end. Thus, this song is an end with a question mark to let the listener wander in their stream of thought with this idea.

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